Top: Courtesy of Christina Opfer

Bottom: Courtesy of Troy Berman

Directors & Officers


Joel Johnston

Director & President

Hall Estill, Tulsa


David G. Tschopp

Director, Vice President &

Awards Chairman

VP Exploration

Orion Exploration Partners, LLC



Dr. Dennis Kerr


Assoc Professor Geosciences

University of Tulsa


Kristie Luchtel Ferguson

Director & Secretary


KLF Geological Consulting, LLC 



Aaron Ball



Kaiser Francis Oil Company


Robert W. Von Rhee

Past President

Managing Partner

KVR Energy LLC




Natalie K. Rush

Director & Treasurer


Rebellion Energy

About Us


The Tulsa Geological Society Foundation, incorporated July 20, 2010, represents an expansion of a strong desire to advance the geological education of the public and especially of primary and secondary school students of the Tulsa area. In addition, The Geological Society has a long history in Tulsa as a premier regional professional society of geologists who have supported collegiate geologic students. The Foundation was initially underwritten by the investment funds of the Tulsa Geological Society (TGS). Since the Foundation is a charitable organization all contributions are fully tax deductible.


The Foundation is related to the Tulsa Geological Society by origin and financial support.  Although the Foundation operates independently from the Society, it maintains a close advisory relationship. The Foundation’s invested assets are managed by the Tulsa Community Foundation, the largest community foundation in the nation.


By some standards, we are a young foundation, but are excited about the future and the challenges and possibilities that lie ahead. Through your support we can continue to support excellence in the teaching and study of geology and earth’s resources, an understanding that is so critically needed as we deal with the environmental and energy issues before us.