Girl next to large rock face
Beautiful Rock Scenery

Top: Courtesy of University of Tulsa

Bottom: Courtesy of Peter Grice

Grants & Awards


Past Grant Recipients


Society Section Meetings

Starting in 2013 with the AAPG Mid Continent Section meeting in Wichita, Kansas the Foundation has offered grants to geoscience students from Oklahoma State University and the Universities of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tulsa to attend Section meetings of AAPG and GSA. Since then the Foundation has given grants to attend the 2014 AAPG Mid Continent Section Field Conference in Ardmore, Oklahoma, the 2015 GSA South Central Section meeting in Stillwater Oklahoma, the 2015 AAPG Mid Continent Section meeting in Tulsa Oklahoma and the 2016 AAPG Mid Continent Section Field Conference in Fayetteville Arkansas. The Foundation is looking forward to continuing our support for these meetings.


Past Award Winners

Outstanding Geoscience Student Award

The Outstanding Geoscience Student award program is a long-standing award program sponsored jointly by the Tulsa Geological Society Foundation, the Tulsa Geological Society and the AAPG Mid-Continent Section. Each year a geology student from each of the region’s four major universities is honored for their academic achievement and overall dedication and service to geology. The 2016 recipients each received a cash award of $1,500.


Participating schools are the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, the University of Tulsa and the University of Arkansas. Students are nominated by their respective departments or faculty. The award is limited to junior- and senior-level geoscience majors at the time of nomination and master’s degree-seeking graduate students. Nominees are judged according to the following criteria:


•   Academic achievement equating to a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale)

•   Creativity, originality, relevance, and depth of research appropriate to the level of study

•   Presentation and teamwork skills

•   Membership in a geoscience professional society

•   Having demonstrated sound judgment and ethical character

•   Career intent (energy sector preferred but not required)

•   Service to the university and/or profession


Earth Science Teacher Award (aka Teacher of the Year)

Each year, the Foundation solicits applicants from the greater Tulsa metropolitan area to be recognized as outstanding earth science teachers. The winner receives a $2,250 cash award at the annual awards dinner. The award stipulates that one-third of the award is applied to the teacher’s school program under their sole direction and two-thirds is for personal use by the teacher.


Click here to download Application materials and application deadline is August 1, 2017


It is the Foundation’s desire to recognize superior teaching of the earth and its resources. With issues about planet Earth evermore prominent in our society, we feel it is imperative that young people gain an appreciation of geology, geological processes and how our planet works as a global ecosystem. Because energy also figures prominently in our future, we support the education of the natural energy resources of our world, since geologists have always applied their science in these areas.


A key feature of this Foundation award is that winners are further nominated to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) for consideration in that society’s national teacher of the year award.